Toni Abbruzzese and Jason Carmichael offer clients a combined 20+ years of varied experience in all areas of consumer product development. Their unique career responsiblities have allowed them to enjoy unusually diverse creative opportunities from which they acquired extensive insight and knowledge of the marketing, development, and sales of unparalleled and highly regarded products.

Toni Abbruzzese has spent over 12 years working with Arbonne and is recognized as a widely experienced professional in the arenas of product branding, development, and management. A proven product builder and team leader, Toni fostered the growth of the product line at Arbonne, taking the company from a $15 million enterprise to a $700 million corporation. Toni is adept in raw material research, domestic and regulatory compliance, and product launch execution.
Jason Carmichael has spent over 8 years working with companies such as Arbonne, Markwins International, and Neutrogena where he gained exposure to the development of health and beauty products. An excellent executor and project manager, Jason is very skilled in tactical aspects of planning, development, and launching of new products that have allowed him to successfully bring over 300 products to market through direct sales and mass distribution.

Years of experience working in entrepreneurial start-up to corporate environments have taught many lessons and afforded a proper understanding of realistic planning, positioning, and truthful assessments of risk. As keen listeners and collaborators, Toni and Jason are determined to achieve client success as the paramount goal in every project.